Yank Barry, Musical Businessman and Philanthropist

October 21, 2016
Of course, Yank Barry spent about 30 years in the music industry. That would be a great accomplishment for most people, and it is. However, his life has changed quite a bit since then. In addition to being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times, Yank Barry's philanthropic efforts have brought him numerous awards and accolades over the course of more than 20 years. His humanitarian initiatives since then have covered every corner of the world and have garnered him awards from places as diverse as India, Côte D'Ivoire, the Bahamas and Mexico. Just last year, Yank Barry and his wife Yvette received the Childhelp International Achievement Award. His work has also come to the attention of the media and he has been profiled on CNN, NBC, The Jerusalem Post and many other news outlets throughout the world.

What makes Yank Barry’s philanthropy different is that he and his wife Yvette don't just give money and have someone else do the hard work. They actually go into these areas and do much of the work themselves. That is especially impressive when you consider that recent years have featured them helping refugees in war torn areas get out of their situation.

One Billion Meals

July 12, 2016
If you call Yank Barry a successful businessman and musician, you’re actually leaving out a major part of his life. Of course, his 30 years in the music business was very successful. And his success in business, as a food entrepreneur and executive with Vitapro, a dehydrated soy-based meat-replacement product, is undeniable. However, it is his work as a philanthropist that may be the most impressive thing he’s ever done.

Yank Barry’s global hunger initiative, Global Village Champions Foundation, has provided more than one billion meals to hungry people throughout the world over more than 20 years. Unlike many others, his philanthropy is more personal, in that he works closely with local agencies and NGO's throughout the world to help people in politically unstable areas where few others would bother to go, including places controlled by groups like ISIS. There, he has been able to help thousands refugees escape the violence and uncertainty and rebuild their lives.

Yank Barry Attains Significant Recognition

April 22, 2016
“Nobody should be hungry. Not in our world!” These words from Yank Barry have guided his philanthropic work for more than two decades. This work has not only aided millions of individuals with food, shelter and medical care, but it has also gained Barry and his organization Global Village Champions Foundation vast recognition. By simply striving each and every day to provide food, comfort and help to those in need around the globe, Barry has achieved global, national and local honors, all marking his humanitarian strides.

From thank-you notes written by children receiving aid to a 2014 Nobel Peace Prize nomination, the recognitions have arrived in varying shapes and sizes for Barry, but all have noted the impact his work regularly makes.

Soon after creating Global Village Champions Foundation, in 1997, Yank Barry and organizational co-founder Muhammad Ali received the Humanitarian Peace Award from the Republic of Cote d’Ivorie. This was just the first award of many for Barry and the agency for their assistive work. Other accolades include the Liberian Humanitarian Award in 1999, the Juarez Hands of Love and Hope in 2000, the Bahamian Red Cross Humanitarian Award in 2005, Philanthropist of the Year in 2011 and the Honorary Ranks of 2 Star General and Commander of the Special Forces from the Thailand Armed Forces Development Command in 2011.

Yank Barry's Work With Holyfield

January 31, 2016
Gerald Barry Falovitch was born on January 29th, 1948, but most people do not know him by this name. Instead, they know him as Yank Barry, the lead-singer of The Kingsmen in 1968 and 1969. He helped to re-popularize their hit song, Louie Louie. He has also been fortunate to be able to work alongside some of the biggest name in music over the last few decades. That includes people like Alice Cooper, Lionel Ritchie, Willie Nelson, Steve Van Zandt, Reba McEntire, Kenny Rogers, Jimmy Hendrix, Billy Rae Cyrus, and others.

Yank Barry is more than just a musician, he is also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He founded the Global Village Champions Foundation, which is a non-profit that exists in order to help save refugees. This foundation has the support of world-famous professional boxer Evander Holyfield, who is one of the organizations “Champions”. Holyfield joined Yank Barry on a mission to Bulgaria, where the foundation's operations are based. He witnessed the appalling conditions that refugees often live in and began working with Yank Barry in the Fall of 2013 to rescue several families.

Yank Barry is also the founder and CEO of VitaPro Foods and the CEO of ProPectin. VitaProFoods has developed a textured vegetable protein that now serves as a meat substitute, while ProPectin creates body-filter products aimed at fighting radiation.